Our handcrafted skin care helps modern, urbane women, who want to revive and invigorate their bodies by using healthy, beautiful products, made with natural ingredients.


Gregory Jueneman

A fourth generation native Californian, Gregory was raised on the fertile farm lands of Central California. He spent his summers at the family’s ancestral cabin, “Baltic House”, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains enjoying all things wild and gaining an appreciation for nature that inspires him to this day. He attended school for graphic design and sculpture and his artful touch is apparent in the whimsical and organic soap he produces.

Gregory’s passion for soap crafting grew from a necessity to discover skin soothing and healing bath products. Unable to find a mass market solution, he decided to make his own and fell in love with the artistry of artisanal soap making. After a career in retail management and sales, he’s taking a leap of faith and doing something he truly loves, making soap.

Jared Parmenter

A recent transplant from the Northeast, Jared has always loved luxuriating in the rich flavors and textures of nature.  From the salty shores of Cape Cod, to the clear waters of Lake Skaneateles on whose shores his family’s cabin “The Pennock Pines” has been been built and maintained for over 100 years, water has formed an integral part of Jared’s life.  It’s these fresh waters, the organic smells, and the healing powers of nature that draw Jared to artisinal soap making.

As the primary web designer and bath-tester for all of Baltic & Pine’s handmade soap products, Jared is always wont to say, “It’s definitely a clean job, but somebody’s got to do it.”

Our Soaps



Our soaps are made with only the finest ingredients found on the planet.  We use a combination of oil bases chosen for their nourishing properties and luxurious skin feel.


We value the time-honored traditions of cold-process soap making, using the same methods humans have used for milennia.  We put our hands on every bar of soap, so you know it’s safe, and we know it’s high-quality.


Every soap we sell is the result of a careful thought process, stripping away the artificial colors, fragrances, and chemicals you find in most factory made soaps today.


With a pure oil base, and no chemical additives, we take great comfort in knowing that our soap has virtually no impact on the earth, allowing us to deliver a healthy, sustainable experience to our customers.


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